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4 Things to Do When You Have a Freezer Breakdown

If you are a business that depends on your freezer system, it is the biggest disaster when it breaks down all of a sudden. When you have no warning, you have to act quickly to ensure you do not lose the items you are storing. Otherwise, your business will be throwing money down the drain.

You need to have a strategy in place for the possibility of a freezer breaking down. In other words, a contingency plan. This way, when you have planned in advance, you are going to know how to act and be able to do so quickly. Here are four things you should do when you have a freezer breakdown.

Act Immediately

If you are having problems with your freezer, this is something that you should not ignore. It is easy to dismiss issues and believe you can come back to them later on if you are busy. But, this is not always the case, and it can lead to the freezer completely breaking down, which will be a disaster.

So, as soon as you see that something is wrong with your freezer system, you want to start with your action plan. This is going to ensure that you do not waste items and you are able to keep your business open.

Hire a Freezer

If the problem is serious, you are going to need to hire a freezer. Some businesses are hesitant to do this at first since it is an added expense. But the truth is, it will save you a lot of money. You can keep your business open and items will not perish. You can check out https://www.icecooltrailers.co.uk/freezer-room-hire to read more about hiring a freezer room. This will take over from your current setup if there is a problem. The good thing about Icecool Trailers is that they will deliver to your business premises quickly. It is possible to hire a freezer for a short period of time until you discover what the problem is.

Move All of Your Items

Now that you have a freezer in place at your business premises, you need to work on moving all of your items over. This should be done relatively quickly so that there are not fluctuating temperatures for the items. This is particularly true if they are sensitive to change. So, make sure that you do not waste any time and are quick to move everything over.

Often, you are able to move all items straight away after a freezer has been set up. But, you can ask the company that is delivering and setting up the freezer for you to make sure this is the case. They will be able to advise you on when you are able to do this and how to preserve the temperature you want.

Repair or Replace

Now that you have dealt with moving all of your stock, you will want to think about what to do with your old system. Perhaps there is an issue that is fixable. Then, you should arrange to have it repaired by a professional. Alternatively, you might be in a situation where the freezer system has completely broken down and is beyond repair. You will need to think about whether you are going to replace it. Of course, this can be an expensive thing to do. But you may be left with no choice.

Note that it is possible to hire a freezer long-term. This might be a good option for you if you have to replace your current system and do not currently have the funds to do this. You can hire a freezer until you can get the model you want. Often, a long-term hire works out cheaper than a short-term hire. So, ask the company what type of deal they can offer you and figure out if this is best for your business.

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