5 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Hair Extensions In Bulk For Your Salon

Hair extensions have become increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. They can add volume, length, and thickness to hair, instantly transforming a person’s appearance. As a salon owner, offering hair extensions as a service can help you expand your business and cater to a broader range of clients. However, buying hair extensions in bulk can be tricky, and there are several factors like quantity, finding hair extensions suppliers etc., you need to consider before making a purchase. This article will discuss some tips before buying hair extensions in bulk for your salon.


  • Determine Your Client’s Needs

The first thing you need to do before buying hair extensions in bulk is to determine your client’s needs. Hair extensions come in different lengths, colours, and textures; not all types suit every client. Conduct a survey or analysis of your clients to determine their preferred hair type, colour, and length. Also, consider stocking different hair extensions to cater to a broader range of clients.


  • Choose A Reputable Supplier

When buying hair extensions in bulk, choosing a reputable supplier is essential. Look for a supplier that has been in business for a long time and has a good reputation. Check reviews and testimonials from previous customers to understand their products’ quality and customer service. You can also ask for samples to test the hair quality before purchasing bulk.


  • Consider The Hair Quality

Hair quality is another crucial factor to consider before buying hair extensions in bulk. Different grades of hair extensions are available, ranging from synthetic to human hair. Synthetic hair is the cheapest but has a shorter lifespan and limited styling options. On the other hand, human hair is more expensive but looks more natural and can be styled and coloured like real hair.

Human hair has different grades of hair quality, such as Remy hair and non-Remy hair. Remy hair is considered the highest quality of human hair because its cuticles are intact, making it less prone to tangling and matting. Non-Remy hair is cheaper but has a higher risk of tangling and matting. It’s essential to consider your client’s needs and budget when choosing the hair quality to stock in your salon.


  • Compare Prices

When buying hair extensions in bulk, comparing prices from different suppliers is essential. While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s important to remember that quality hair extensions come at a price. When deciding, compare prices from different suppliers, and consider the hair quality, length, and packaging. Feel free to negotiate prices with the supplier if you order large.


  • Consider The Return Policy

Hair extensions are a significant investment, and it’s essential to clearly understand the supplier’s return policy before making a bulk purchase. Check if the supplier has a return policy for damaged or defective hair extensions. Ensure that the policy covers the duration of the hair extensions’ lifespan and the condition in which they should be returned. It’s also important to check if there are any additional fees for returns or exchanges.

Buying hair extensions in bulk can be a great way to expand your salon’s services and cater to a broader range of clients. However, it’s essential to consider several factors, such as hair quality, hair extensions suppliers, and return policy, before purchasing. Choosing a reputable supplier and properly training your staff is essential to providing high-quality hair extension services. With the right approach, hair extensions can be an excellent addition to your salon’s services.

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