America’s Best Wings in Fredericksburg, MD

America’s Best Wings has a long history in Vienna, and Karim has a personal connection to the community. The interior decor features Vienna landmarks and an overview of the city’s history, and he has been in contact with the Vienna Youth Soccer team to become a sponsor. The restaurant also offers a special promotion: five wings free with a five-piece meal. Customers can enjoy wings seasoned with an original Moon Dust dry rub, as well as a variety of hot sauces from mild to nuclear.

30 flavors of wings

America’s Best Wings is a chain of restaurants on the Eastern Seaboard that specializes in wings and other fried foods. You can choose from 30 different flavors of chicken wings, as well as other foods, including burgers and Philly cheesesteaks. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options.

America’s Best Wings offers a variety of flavor combinations, including BBQ, Buffalo, and hot wings. You can order them now or schedule a pick-up or delivery time. They also offer delivery through Postmates. To open a franchise, you must have a net worth of $500,000 or more.

America’s Best Wings has a wide variety of flavors and has become a favorite among many wing enthusiasts. Their traditional Buffalo wings are popular, but you can also find wings that taste like Caribbean Citrus. Besides chicken wings, they also serve salads and seafood. Their service is fast and clean.

America’s Best Wings offers delivery or pickup in Lewisville. You can even get your order through Uber Eats. Alternatively, you can also place an order online, and wait for a Postmate driver to deliver your order. You can even order wings online from America’s Best Wings and have them delivered to your door!

Delivery fees

America’s Best Wings is a Maryland family-owned restaurant chain that specializes in wings, burgers, and seafood. They offer a variety of flavors, ranging from sweet and spicy to savory and mild. The restaurant offers fast, friendly service and a clean environment.

You can order from America’s Best Wings online, and you can get pickup or delivery from a nearby location. The Ten Pieces Buffalo Wings are one of the most popular items on the menu. Whether you’re in the mood for wings, or just want to share a few, you can order online, and you can track your order and the progress of your delivery.


Whether you’re looking for classic Buffalo wings or something more exotic, America’s Best Wings offers a wide variety of flavors. Those who like their wings hot and spicy may want to try the Lemon Pepper flavor. This is an especially popular choice among wings fans, and its combination of black pepper and lemon oil creates a taste that is unlike anything else. Other unique flavors available at the chain include the 24-karat gold wings, which are based on a combination of Teriyaki sauce and Gold barbecue sauce.

America’s Best Wings uses fresh ingredients in its sauces to ensure that each batch tastes just right. According to Steve Kim, a spokesperson for the company, these ingredients help ensure that the wings are as healthy and tasty as possible. This includes no breading. This allows for the sauce to have a more natural flavor.

The 24-Karat Gold sauce is slightly hotter than the Moon Dust rub, but you’ll only notice its full effects after swallowing each bite. Its spiciness is equivalent to one pepper, while a standard hot sauce has a heat level of three. The sauce itself is based on a gold barbecue sauce with a teriyaki tinge.

The wings are served with celery and three different types of dressing. You can also add a side or soda if you want. America’s Best Wings also offers a gluten-free option. Whether you’re looking for a sweet or spicy taste, the wing will satisfy your taste buds.

America’s Best Wings has several locations throughout the Eastern Seaboard, making it convenient for people in the area to find a delicious wings. The restaurant offers wings and other tasty foods at affordable prices. The company offers fast and friendly service and is proud to use only the best ingredients in its recipes.


You can find America’s Best Wings locations all over the country. They have dozens of locations. Wings can be ordered with your choice of dipping sauce, sides, and soda. Wings come with celery and three dressings, but you can add more at an additional cost. The restaurant has 120 locations in the U.S., including one in Fredericksburg.

America’s Best Wings is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday. It offers chicken wings, seafood, burgers, and Philly cheesesteaks. Since it was founded 20 years ago, the chain has expanded to 120 locations in 12 states. The company is currently expanding in Florida. The company has a franchise fee of $39,500 and requires a net worth of at least $500,000.

The headquarters of America’s Best Wings is located in Maryland, United States. They offer the best wings in the world and are known for their outstanding service. You can find an America’s Best Wings location by searching for the name on the map or by GPS coordinates. You can also find contact information for each location, as well as ratings.

America’s Best Wings is a fast-casual chain with several locations throughout the Eastern seaboard. Their menu has many unique wing varieties and sidekicks. You can even order wraps or subs and a drink. You can also try one of their grilled subs.

In Washington, you can order American’s Best Wings for delivery through Uber Eats or online. You can also view their menu before placing an order. Just make sure to check the exact prices for the menu items. You might find that the menu prices vary from those in the restaurant. If you’re not sure which location is closest to your home, try the Uber Eats app or the Uber Eats website to find America’s Best Wings near you.

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