Facebook Ads For Dentists: Seven Tips To Out-Shine Your Competitors

Teeth are an integral part of our daily lives. (followers on facebook) They are prominently displayed on our faces and help us survive by chewing our food. Although dental marketing isn’t the most glamorous thing, everyone must find a great dentist. This is something that anyone who has ever experienced tooth pain can attest to. Facebook is our recommendation.

Why Facebook?

Dental marketers often face the challenge of standing apart from their local competitors. Facebook, which has 2.38 billion monthly active users (March 2019), is a great place to advertise your dental practice and allocate funds. You won’t need to spend more if you can promote strategically. Your patient slots will become increasingly scarce if you don’t have enough.

Another thing about working in a field like dentistry is the challenges that healthcare marketers face.

Lauren says that the biggest challenge in Facebook and any other advertising platform is dealing with the bureaucracy associated with any industry or vertical related to health. It will always be challenging to figure out what advertising you can or cannot do. Fortunately, I have many success stories and can share them with you. There are still ways to reach a Facebook captive audience and get more patients to your chair.

Lauren was kind enough to let me pick her brain to compile this list. Let’s get right into it!

1. Your ads should be tailored to the dental practice’s target audience

Facebook advertising is a beautiful tool for targeting your audience.

Lauren says that Facebook has excellent targeting options. It can target everything, from your occupation to whether or not you have children and in what age bracket.

Think about your target audience and what interests you. From there, you can start tailoring your targeting. Perhaps you work at a luxury dental office with a stellar reputation, but it is more expensive than the average dental office. Targeting a high-income demographic is a good idea. This is possible with Facebook targeting. You can also use location targeting to ensure your ads show only to people near your office.

It all comes down to targeting. Lauren says Facebook allows you to ‘paint on a blank canvas, which I find invaluable.

2. Personalize Facebook Ad Copy to Talk directly to Your Audience

It can be tedious to write ad copy. Although it might seem boring, you will be able to make your ads more engaging by using simple text and rushing through them. However, it will pay off long-term if you put more effort into your copy. It is essential to keep in mind what makes your practice unique when writing your ad copy. Do you place a lot of emphasis on children? Perhaps your high-end televisions entertain patients during cleanings. It doesn’t matter what it is; you can include it in your copy for new patients.

“Customize your messaging and creativity. Because you have great targeting doesn’t mean the same ‘Best dental in town’ slogan will resonate with everyone. Lauren suggests you tailor your content to your target audience for the best results.

Facebook ads for dentists featuring personalized ad copy

Do not fall for the trap of generic copy. Instead, spend some time crafting custom headlines to find what stands out.

3. You can A/B test your CTAs

Your job is not over once you’ve created your ad copy. (buy followers on facebook)  It is essential to test your headlines and CTAs after you have made some catchy headlines.

Try out different calls to action and reevaluate your targeting. A 20- to 30-year-old person will dread calling a doctor to make an appointment. To ease this process, you can add an online scheduler. Your lead patient coordinator will contact someone a bit older, so ensure your CTA is targeted correctly.

Your CTAs should not be assumed to be catchy and attractive. You can test different CTAs to find the best one for your audience. This will help you ensure that your copy is appealing to new patients.

4. You can use a variety of ad formats

Facebook isn’t a platform that discourages creativity. Facebook offers many ad formats so that you can express your creativity and, even more importantly, appeal to your target audience. You can experiment with different forms, such as a carousel ad that allows you to display multiple images of your office or a video ad that exposes your audience to your highly-personalized staff. Take advantage of these options to find the best.

Lauren encourages clients to try out all of the ad types Facebook offers and to be open to new possibilities. Lauren says that Facebook is known for providing new opportunities for advertisers. Everything from free Invisalign treatment planning/free kit to whitening your fresh patient cleaning) and Facebook story ads.

We created the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising Types to help you get to grips with all the options.

5. Your staff should be featured in your Facebook ads

This is human nature. Humans can relate to each other. This is something I find myself often saying because it rings true. Yet, marketers often forget that people should be included in your ad imagery. This includes Facebook ad imagery. This platform is known as “FACEbook”! It is a great way to show off your staff, establish trust and build familiarity so that patients feel comfortable calling and scheduling appointments.

“Everyone has seen the Shutterfly models seated in the chair. People want to see the doctor, his staff, and his staff.” Lauren says that this builds trust and familiarity with the user.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a lot of photos from staff; it’s never too late to start one. The iPhone can take high-quality images, and you don’t even have to consider gathering ad imagery as an investment. Check out this lovely photo. This is so much better than boring stock photos!

6. Use Facebook video ads to show off your personality in the office

Although using real people for your advertising imagery is excellent, why not use video one step further? Video is the best way to show your dentist’s personality to your target audience. Plus, the video is viral! According to Business 2 Community, videos are the most popular post type on Facebook, with 89.5 average Facebook views.

Lauren explains that two years ago, dentists from all over the US uploaded videos of themselves flossing and’ doing the ‘dental-Keke.’ The response was overwhelming, and it went viral. Use humor wherever you can. People will be more receptive to your mood!

7. Seasonal campaigns

It would help if you used this seasonal aspect of dental marketing in your Facebook ads. Lauren claims that her most successful clients plan around seasons.

It is essential to think strategically about your Facebook ads campaigns from a seasonal perspective to maximize their reach and effectiveness. Another advantage to advertising on Facebook is the ability to use the ad scheduling feature to set the times and days of your ads to reach people with seasonal messages.

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