In one of our earlier blog posts, we discussed our top 10 Edgware Taxis

In one of our earlier blog posts, we discussed our top 10 Edgware Taxis talk topics to help you understand. Your fares and hopefully, get customers to give you a tip at the end of your journey. Although it’s always a pleasure to start sparking conversations. Your clients once and then, you’ll discover that they don’t want to let you have the opportunity. There are some questions that Edgware Taxis drivers are frequently asked by their clients. This is why we take a examine the most frequently asked questions and effective methods to respond:

“How’s your day going?”:

It’s probably the most frequently asked question of Edgware Taxis drivers based on their fare. But it can be difficult to distinguish between the ones who are trying to be nice and those who want to know more about what you’ve been up to. One way to tell whether your Edgware Taxis driver is searching for a chat is to offer a pleasant answer and then ask what they’re doing today: if they keep talking and continue to ask questions, you’ll know that they’re keen to chat. However, should they reply by saying a quick ‘fine thank you, you’ll realize that they were doing their best to be polite. If you do want to chat, ensure that you don’t get bogged down in conversation as it could make you appear like you’re not paying attention to the traffic. Keep it polite, but remember to be professional!

“How long have you been doing this?”:

Edgware Taxis drivers are an area that is often a source of contention for people. Some think it’s something they’ll not be able to accomplish while others have considered the possibility of a career. When you ask about your job, your client wants to know not just about you, but also about your work and the experience of working as an Edgware Taxis driver. Therefore, it is your job to dispel or prove some of the myths about you like whether you work for long hours (yes) when your rates are difficult, and whether you’d suggest it to others. If you’ve been in the taxi business for a significant amount of time, this is an ideal opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise to your clients!

“Been Busy?”:

We all know that Edgware Taxis drivers cannot fully anticipate how busy their shifts will be, but after a while, you’ll be able to discern patterns. It’s interesting to know how eager some passengers are in regards to finding the best rates and whether certain days are more favorable than other times. This issue is frequently asked when there’s a major occasion happening or a normally busy time, such as Friday or Saturday nights. We’re sure it was the case at the time of the London Olympics or the week prior in Ascot many taxi drivers asked this question, and the majority of them would have answered “yes!”

“I can’t believe the traffic!”:

Although it’s not technically a query, it’s an issue that requires the opportunity to respond, because the majority of people say that for the two possibilities: traffic isn’t good and you were able to make it through or you’ve experienced traffic delays for a lengthy length of time. Whatever the reason, you have to accept the comment, since it could be the beginning of an issue. If your traffic is especially poor, there’s nothing you can do about it, but it’s a good suggestion to listen to your client to assure them you’re doing all you can to get them there as fast as you can.

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“Can you please …”:

There’s no end to the requests that people have for Edgware Taxis drivers. Some of them include “can you just stop here”, “can you just pull over for one minute”, “can you find me somewhere to eat” as well as a host of other strange and fascinating things. When you’re a driver, it is your responsibility to make sure you are as accommodating to your customers as you can but be sure to never take any action that could invalidate the insurance of your Edgware Taxis or end in costing you money. If it’s nothing major, you should be able to avoid taking up the majority of your time. Moreover, your customer will thank you with a nice tip!

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