How Tall is Levi Ackerman?

If you’re interested in knowing how tall Levi Ackerman is, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the answers to your questions about the actor’s height, age, family background, and appearance in Attack on Titan. Continue reading to find out how tall Levi Ackerman is in inches and feet! We’ve also included some helpful information about Ackerman’s body type and weight.

Levi Ackerman’s height

If you are wondering about the height of Levi Ackerman, you’ve come to the right place. He’s not the shortest man in the world, but he does appear to be shorter than the average male. Levi stands at a height of six feet three inches. That’s a little over three inches below average, but still more than the average male.

The average male is approximately five feet five inches tall, so Levi Ackerman’s height is just under six feet three inches. The actor who voices Levi in the Attack on Titan anime is 5’7″, so the actor’s height may be more accurate than other sources say. But no matter how he looks, his height is still quite impressive.

While he is not the tallest man in the series, he is still a great fighter. The Special Operations Squad of the Survey Corps is made up of him and his brother. His squad was nearly destroyed in one battle but has since been rebuilt. With his strength, agility, and charisma, Levi Ackerman is a hero amongst the Survey Corps.

Ackerman was born in Tokyo, Japan, and raised in the United States. His parents were prostitutes, and their client died during the pregnancy. This made Levi Ackerman a hero in the eyes of the public. While he may not have been a tall person, he is very intelligent and personable.

As a child, Levi Ackerman was severely malnourished and unable to grow. He also didn’t receive enough sunlight to grow. Sunlight is crucial for the proper development of bones. In addition, he spent most of his childhood in the Underground, where he didn’t get much sunlight.

Levi Ackerman was born on December 25th, 845. Although his age is unknown, he has proved to be a good protector and has sacrificed his life for his fellow men. Although his height is unknown, he’s estimated to be between 36 and 38 years old. The actor’s height may vary from one photo session to another.

Levi Ackerman’s height may not surprise fans of Attack on Titan. The average height of a woman is five feet four inches. While Levi is five feet three inches taller, most other male characters in the series are taller than him. Eren Jaeger is only 5 feet ten inches taller than Levi Ackerman, but he is still significantly taller than Mikasa Ackerman.

His age

Although we don’t know the exact age of Levi Ackerman, we do know that he looks much younger than his actual age. He is short, dark-haired, and pale on his forehead. He is an independent thinker, and he respects his subordinates. He is also loyal to Commander Erwin Smith. But if you were to guess his age, it would probably be his late thirties or early forties.

The actor’s age is not very known, but we can get a rough estimate based on the number of seasons he’s appeared in. He first appeared in Shingeki no Kyojin in 850. He’s appeared in four seasons so far. You can also guess his age from his MAL data.

In the fourth season of Attack on Titan, Levi Ackerman was 34 years old. However, in the final chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin, he was three years older. However, we don’t have any reliable sources to prove this, but based on his age, we can assume that he’s somewhere in his late thirties.

In season one of Attack on Titan, Levi, and Erwin are in their early twenties. Erwin’s father died when he was in grad school. This makes him older than Levi, but both men are considered young by most people. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the same age, and it’s hard to tell how close they are.

Levi Ackerman’s age has a lot of implications for the relationship between Mikasa and Levi. The two share the same surname, as well as similar physical features. Although Levi and Mikasa are not related, their similarities are enough to deduce their relationship. If Mikasa is his twin, Levi’s age will also reveal their connection.

After his mother fell ill, Levi was taken care of by his cousin Kenny. He took on the role of a father figure, teaching Levi how to fight with knives. He later abandoned Levi during a fight in the underground city.

His family background

Levi Ackerman, the protagonist of the hit TV series Attack on Titan, is from one of the most powerful clans in the universe. His mother, Kuchel, is a prostitute and his father, Kenny, is a knife expert. Both men trained Levi in their family business, which he later used to join the Survey Corps. In the series, he is a member of the Survey Corps and is a member of the Titan Clan.

Kuchel, Levi’s mother, was a prostitute in the Underground city. She was light-eyed and had long, dark hair. She resembled Levi a lot, so when he was impregnated by a client, her brother tried to persuade her not to keep the child. Kuchel was not able to continue the pregnancy because she contracted a venereal disease and eventually died. Sadly, she left behind a son and a daughter.

Although the clan was living on the fringes of society, Levi met and married a woman of Asian descent. They lived happily for many years before their deaths at the hands of bandits. After her death, their son, Mikasa, was left an orphan. Ackerman’s family is interrelated to that of the Reiss clan, but it is unclear whether Levi was actually part of the Reiss family.

While Levi’s family background is unknown, there are several clues to his past. He was born in the Underground, which is a subterranean city located beneath the city of Mitras. His mother was a prostitute. His father, however, is never revealed. It is assumed that Levi’s father is another Eldian living in the Underground. Similarly, his brother Mikasa’s father is unknown.

Levi and Mikasa are distant cousins. Mikasa and Levi have a complicated relationship and conflict. Although they are brothers, they have few direct contacts and argue about Eren. Mikasa calls Levi a pretentious dwarf, and Levi resents her for hitting Eren.

His appearance in Attack on Titan

The first time we see Levi Ackerman is in episode four of the anime. In this episode, a member of the Survey Corps predicts that all Titans will fall to Levi. Afterward, he cuts off the Titan’s nape, insults and kills two more Titans. Levi is shown to have a dark past.

He’s one of the strongest soldiers in the Survey Corps and captain of the Special Operations Squad. He’s been a criminal before, but he has a good reputation as a leader. Despite his dark past, he respects Eren Jaeger and has earned the respect of his colleagues.

In the second season of Attack on Titan, Levi and his squad join the resistance group in the Battle for the Earth. This fight is triggered by the Government’s accusations that the Scout Regiment is trying to monopolize Eren’s Titan powers. As such, the government begins to arrest members of the Scout Regiment. However, Levi and his squad avoid arrest by camping outside of Stohess. The squad then discusses their plans for rescuing Eren, while Sasha warns them of approaching MPs.

Levi and Erwin Smith’s relationship was not initially cordial. At first, Levi wanted to kill Erwin for blackmailing him. Over time, however, Levi learned to trust Erwin and became one of his trusted advisors. Erwin was the only one of Levi’s friends who allowed him to have a normal conversation. This relationship was one of the reasons why Erwin and Levi remained close throughout Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan has an extensive cast of characters, with a total of 30 characters. The following table provides a breakdown of each character’s height, age, and birthday. The table also gives their overall appearance. The first two episodes of the series delved into Levi’s life.

The second episode introduced Levi and Erwin as friends. They are part of a band of thieves, and they used maneuver gear to commit heists. They also encountered Isabel Magnolia during a heist. After the encounter, they took her on as a member of the crew. However, a mysterious man from the surface uses her as a hostage to make sure that they take on a mission in order to obtain citizenship.

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