How to Remove the Owner Password from PDF Files?

Users have started googling for a solution regarding “how to remove the owner password from PDF files.” From the queries, we found an idea to write about removing the owner’s password from PDF files. So stop digging for a solution because you’ve already found one. Lots of users get exhausted when they are unable to access the PDF files but try concurrently. To open a PDF file, users may try applying Adobe Acrobat Pro to keep out the PDF owner key.

A Permission password is another name for a PDF owner’s security key. Only to apply document limitations, a security key is attached to the PDF file.

We will discuss the two types of PDF restriction passwords.

  1. Owner Restricted PDF Password
  2. User Restricted PDF Password

Defining the PDF Owner Password File

Possessor-restricted PDF files are those PDF files that are restricted by the owner themselves to restrict the access of any third person. None of the users can access the PDF file without the owner’s permission granted until they know the private key to open the PDF file.

Defining the User-Locked Password for PDF Files

The normal PDF file can be locked by applying a password. So if any user creates a PDF file and sets it with a password, that is known as the “user locked PDF password.”

DIY’s to Remove PDF Owner Password

This article will help you with the techniques to remove the owner password from PDF files using three methods. Follow the DIY for details.

Remove the Owner Password from PDF Files using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Use the Adobe Acrobat Pro software to track the PDF protection key. If the user remembers the native password, then they will be able to remove the protection from the PDF file. Let’s continue with the next step.

  • Firstly, open the restricted PDF file in the Acrobat Pro software. Now click on the File menu and open Properties.
  • Secondly, you can see the properties popping up now. Hit on the security option tab. Check out the permission that is not permitted. By clicking on the “no security option” from the drop-down menu, all the passwords from the PDF file are removed.
  • Thirdly, now the pop is shown, which conveys the status of the PDF file, whether it is unprotected or protected. If the PDF file is protected, then put in your PDF password and click OK.
  • Now, tap “OK” to verify the password you entered. Then, at last, click on the Save button to apply the changes you made to the PDF file according to the restrictions.

Unprotect the Owner PDF using Google Chrome.

After knowing about this feature, you will be surprised by the in-build feature of Chrome. This feature removes the restriction from the PDF file. Let’s continue with our supplementary steps.

  • Right-click on the PDF file and open it in Google Chrome to start the process of excluding the owner’s PDF password. Chrome asks you for the password for the pdf file. Fill in the password and click on “ok.”
  • Now, click on the print button on the top right side of the page or press Ctrl+P.
  • A dialog box appears to print your PDF file. But here you need to click on the save button and save it as a PDF.
  • Then name the file and click on the “save as” button that is popping up in your window.
  • Open the new PDF file you saved just a second ago with any password restriction without making any changes.

Third-Party Software to Remove the Owner Password

Try this solution if you want to save your working effort and time. Or sometimes the manual method fails to perform due to the restriction of passwords in the PDF file. The manual method only excludes the password of PDF, one file at a time. This makes the process more lengthy and stressful. Choose the best PDF unlocker tool with a guaranteed solution without any password needed.

Steps to Execute Owner PDF Password

  1. Install the free trial of PDF Unlocker Software.
  2. To upload PDFs, use the “Add Files/Add Folders” option.
  3. Depending on the requirements, choose either Save or Print.
  4. Select the destination by hitting the Change button.
  5. Start the PDF unlocking procedure by clicking the Unlock button.
  6. Finally, the PDF files are unlocked. View the message to successfully unlock.


In conclusion, the methods given in this article are very helpful and reliable. Because the manual process is lengthy and time-consuming, the only reason users distract from the manual method is to use the professional method to remove the owner password from PDF files with top PDF Protection Remover Software.

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