How to Style a Diamond Tennis Bracelet with Your Partywear?

Do you need help figuring out how to style your diamond tennis bracelet on your wrist for an evening out? Are you struggling to decide whether you’ll pair it with your engagement ring or not? If that’s the case, you’re lucky you’ve found us! We have tons to share, so continue reading to find out what we have in store.

Bracelets or bangles are the perfect accessories to adorn for any and every occasion. They look ethereal and classy and make the perfect style statement. However, it won’t make that much of an impression if you don’t style it correctly.

So, if you are putting on partywear but are utterly clueless about how to style your favorite diamond tennis bracelet, this ultimate guide is for you.

Buying Diamond Tennis Bracelets: Diamond Types to Consider

Diamond tennis bracelets have become increasingly popular among both men and women.
Perhaps they’re popular because of their lightweight and can become your go-to accessories, like watches or bangles. Plus, diamond tennis bracelets can be made from different diamond types, giving options to make your style statement.

Like other diamond jewelry, diamond bracelets also feature either of the two types of diamonds; natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are pretty straightforward. They are diamonds mined from the surface of the Earth. While they are abundant, not every diamond is suitable for jewelry as many of them have inclusions and dirt, sourced from their natural origin.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds, but they’re produced in labs. They offer far too many options in terms of diamond shapes, cuts, colors, and sizes as compared with natural diamonds. Studies on lab grown diamonds also indicate these diamond tennis bracelet are 60-80 percent cheaper than mined diamonds. 

So, here’s what you need to keep in mind while buying diamond tennis bracelets:

  • Learn about the aspects that draw the line between ordinary diamonds and high-quality diamonds
  • If you’re buying lab-grown diamonds, make sure you’re buying from a reliable shop or manufacturer. You will get a certificate with each diamond you buy, ensuring that it’s a high qualityl diamond.
  • Don’t forget to check out the latest tennis bracelet styles in fashion magazines, news, and social media. You’ll get plenty of ideas from Pinterest and Instagram.

And if you’re looking for recommendations, we’d recommend the iconic white gold diamond tennis bracelet. This classical piece will go with most of your partywear. White gold bracelets look very elegant yet modern. They are stylish and make the perfect statement accessory.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet on Wrist: Styling Tips for Partywear

Discuss how you style a diamond tennis bracelet while wearing party outfits. We know there are plenty of considerations to take in this regard. So, here are our top 5 tips to help you style a head-turning look.

1. Less is More

If you keep the elegance and style of a tennis bracelet in perspective, you will agree that less is more where an accessory like that is concerned.

You don’t have to stack several bracelets to make it look good. Instead, considering the event, whether a party at a friend’s house or a classy evening dinner, go solo with your tennis bracelet.

Pair it with other accessories like diamond studs or tennis necklaces, but don’t overdo your wrists.

2. Mixing and Matching

If you’re wearing a trendy skirt for a party at the poolside, then perhaps you can mix and match various bracelets from your jewelry box.

While doing that, keep the color of your outfit in mind and then start selecting different bracelets. We don’t recommend that you mix and match metals. That doesn’t give an elegant look.

But you can match different textures, charms, and colors and then adorn them as you head out. Also, while selecting bracelets to stack, don’t forget to wear matching earrings to complete your look.

3. Contemporary is Good

Tennis bracelets are ethereal pieces of jewelry. They look stunning when worn on their own and amp up your appearance.

Stacking up different bracelets is a good option for going to a friend’s party. But it won’t work for a formal dinner or a ball. So, we suggest you go solo with your tennis bracelet when dressing for an evening out.

Wear sleeveless so that your bracelet can make a statement. Don’t forget to match your bracelet with the base color of your outfit, and complete your look with an elegant clutch.

4. Style with a Watch

One thing we love about tennis bracelets is that they can be styled with a watch. This way, you will not only know what time it is when you need it but will be able to make a fun look out of it.

We recommend this look when you’re headed to a formal event like an opera or museum. And when you’re choosing a watch for your collection, ensure that you pick something that looks when worn with other pieces of jewelry.

This way, you can complete your look without a lot of hassle.

5. Put off the Additional Jewelry

If you want your tennis bracelet to have all the attention, you should steer clear of wearing additional jewelry pieces. Because if you wear a bracelet and put on tons of other jewelry, it will take the attention away from you.

You may even look over-accessorized at some point.

If you’re only wearing a watch and a bracelet on one arm, it is acceptable to adorn statement earrings or a diamond tennis necklace. It will complement your bracelet and complete your look effortlessly.

But if you’re going to stack up tons of bracelets, don’t out on anything else. Maybe simple studs or a pendant will do.

Final Verdict

We wanted to share everything regarding styling your tennis bracelet with partywear. These tips can help you complete your look smoothly. You don’t have to overdo yourself to look good. Sometimes, the simpler you’re, the more elegant you look.

Tennis bracelets are a significant investment. Even if you think they are out of your budget, you should consider buying a lab-grown diamond bracelet since it’s far more affordable. But invest in one since you can wear it with most of your outfits.

Select your accessories according to your outfit. And once you get ready, look at yourself in the mirror, and if you feel like it, take off a few accessories before heading out. It’s always wise to wear less than overdo your entire look.

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