Kids Empire – A Fun-Filled Indoor Theme Park For Children

Kids Empire birthday parties are not only fun but also affordable. They are hosted by a Kid Empire leader who takes care of every detail of the party and interacts with the children. The birthday party packages include everything needed for the best party, from balloon sculptures and magicians to a private party and a photographer. They even have Birthday party packages for families who don’t want to throw the party themselves.


Kids Empire was designed for children to experience an indoor theme park that is safe, fun, and affordable. This family entertainment concept combines an indoor playground, obstacle course, and climbing wall. The parks are supervised so kids can safely play in an environment they enjoy. It also offers birthday party packages and day-use access.

Kids Empire opened in Southern California and has grown to over 60 locations across the country. They offer a safe environment for children to enjoy after school, on the weekend, or even during vacation. The stores also offer a variety of food and drink options. For parents, there is a place to relax and unwind.

The model for Kids Empire is versatile and easily scalable throughout the United States and around the world. While it is important to choose a market with average discretionary income, most major metropolitan areas feature ample suburban markets that offer ample opportunities. The concept is also supported by the fact that the American public perceives the children’s entertainment market as a strong market. And, historical trends in the market show that it is a high-growth area for children’s businesses.

Franchise model

The Kids Empire franchise model offers multiple revenue streams and is adaptable to a wide range of locations. The model requires the franchisee to target families with an average level of discretionary income. In addition, the model requires a minimum staffing requirement, which makes it possible for the franchisee to start with a small team.

Children of all ages can find fun and excitement at a Kids Empire location. The brand has more than 60 theme parks, offering fun for children during the week, on weekends, and during vacations. The concept is based on a safe, clean, and fun environment. The franchisee must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

The Kids Empire franchise model allows the franchisee to take advantage of a proven business model that has been successfully developed by the company. This ensures a smooth transition from start-up to full-fledged operation. Furthermore, the franchise owner is provided with excellent support and safety training. The company also has long-term goals for expansion throughout the United States. The company currently has one indoor park open in California and aims to open 10 indoor parks by the end of 2017, and 100 by 2020.

The Kids Empire concept was developed in Southern California, and was designed to be fun, unique, and affordable. In addition, the franchise model provides a solution to the problem of after-school, weekend, and vacation fun for children. The first Kids Empire location opened in Southern California in 2016, and it is positioned as a prototype for children’s franchise growth.


Kids Empire is a popular destination for birthday parties. There are two different packages available to celebrate a child’s special day, which include everything from birthday cake to pizza. Parents can also book a private party at Kids Empire with an optional photographer and face painter. These packages are both inexpensive and a great way to celebrate a child’s birthday in a safe and fun environment.

The Kids Empire concept originated in Southern California and was built with a focus on being affordable, unique, and fun. It offers solutions for weekend, vacation, and after-school activities. The first location opened in California in 2016 and is positioned as a prototype for future growth in the children’s entertainment industry.

Admission to Kids Empire is $15 per child and is free for adults. A punch card is also available for $129 and allows you to go back for as many times as you like for the same price. You can also leave your child alone in the mall if you wish. In addition, the punch card gives you re-entry on the same day, which means you don’t need to worry about finding childcare.

Birthday party packages

Birthday parties at Kids Empire can be a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday. This unique indoor play space features a maze, slides, climbs and other fun activities. The birthday party packages come with everything you need to host a memorable party. They offer pizza and birthday cake, as well as invitation cards and tokens for rides and activities.

The playground includes a climbing wall, drop-in ball pits, and a maze. You can even book a party for an entire day. The corporate site of Kids Empire provides information on birthday packages and all-day park access. There are also phone numbers for contacting the venue with questions.

The birthday packages include a host who will make sure your child has a good time. The host will be on hand to assist your child with set-up, address complaints, and make sure everyone is entertained. He or she will also be on hand to greet and assist guests when they arrive. The host will also check the snacks and decorations, as well as the supplies needed for the birthday party.

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Locations in Houston

Kids Empire is a fun-filled indoor theme park for children. They offer a variety of activities to help children build confidence and problem-solving skills. They also provide a safe and clean environment for kids to have a great time. The Houston location offers special activities for toddlers and big kids alike.

There are thirteen locations of Kids Empire around the country, including two new ones in Houston. The first opened in January in Westchase. The Houston location, along with six others in Arizona, California, and Texas, reopened last week. The facility is designed to entertain children from infancy to 13 years old and features 21-foot slides, motorcycle courses, soccer fields, oversize blocks, and a jungle gym structure with mazes.

The Kids Empire concept is adaptable to different markets in the United States and abroad. The business model is geared toward families with discretionary income, and there are many suburban locations that are ripe for Kids Empire locations. This concept is a proven business model with an excellent track record. Additionally, the American public perceives the children’s entertainment market as strong. Thus, the company’s value will likely remain strong for the foreseeable future.

Kids Empire Houston Willowbrook offers a safe, fun environment for young children. There is a designated area for toddlers and big kids, and rides are offered in both zones. A day pass is good for all three locations. Make sure to bring socks for sanitary reasons and to keep the play area clean.

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