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With the NYCHA Self-Service portal, residents can easily access services and information. They can pay rent online or submit work order requests. They can also update their personal information and upload important documents. The portal also allows tenants to subscribe to important alerts and view their history of rent payments. Users can also stay informed of community events.

To access the Nycha Self-Service portal, residents need to first register with their email address and a password. The self-service portal is a secure online platform for members. By logging in with a username and password, residents can access housing information and complete various tasks on the portal. The Nycha Self-Service portal is free to use.

The Nycha Self-Service portal also offers digital signature options. Users can sign documents electronically or upload their signatures on a PDF file. The PDF file is then verified by Nycha to ensure its validity. Approved documents can then be sent electronically or printed out in hard copy. In addition, the self-service portal also allows users to protect their work devices with a passcode.

Users can easily import data to fill out forms online. They can use drop-down menus, text, and checkmarks to enter data. Moreover, users can also create a legally binding signature to submit documents to Nycha. Once they are satisfied with their personal information and password, they can proceed with their transaction.

To improve services for its residents, NYCHA has revamped its online portal. It now allows users to recertify their eligibility, confirm their interview status, and update personal information. The process takes only a few minutes. With simplified language and easy-to-understand instructions, the NYCHA Self-Service portal will make it easier for tenants to complete recertification without the help of an agent.


The new NYCHA Self-Service portal is interactive and user-friendly. It has been designed with the assistance of a service design studio, which helps improve city agencies. The portal has a clear layout, easy-to-follow instructions, and graphic tabs for help and information. This allows users to learn how to complete tasks without needing to contact an employee.

The new portal will help residents recertify their income, assets, and expenses. It will also enable residents to determine the rent based on their household income. NYCHA hopes that this new portal will address the issues raised by users when the recertification process was moved online in 2016. The new self-service portal will make the process simpler for residents.

Available in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese

The self-service portal allows NYCHA applicants to view basic application information, without the need to visit the Customer Contact Center. Applicants can submit their applications online, in English, Spanish, Russian, or Chinese. They can also get troubleshooting assistance, view the status of their submissions, and request special inspections, without having to leave their homes.

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Less cumbersome to use

The NYCHA has improved its Annual Recertification portal with a new user interface. The new interface makes it easier for apartment residents to complete the recertification process online. Its new interface has clearer language and a more appealing look. It also includes graphic tabs that provide step-by-step assistance and answer questions related to the information requested.

The new self-service portal allows tenants to access information about housing, rent, repair, and community services. It also allows tenants to update their accounts and report maintenance requests online. Users can also stay up to date on upcoming community events and learn about their rights and responsibilities. The portal is currently in beta but is expected to be fully functional in the summer of 2018.

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