Taffeta vs Polyester Car Cover: Which One is Best in Looks and Quality

When choosing a car cover, we often get confused between taffeta and polyester material. While both the materials have countless benefits as car covers, it is good to know about them individually. The polyester car covers comprise a resin-coat inner portion to keep water and dirt from seeping through the car cover. The taffeta fabric on the other hand is like the umbrella fabrics. The woven fabric of the taffeta covers is dense enough for your benefit. To make things easier for you we have listed a detailed guideline for taffeta vs polyester car cover

Taffeta vs Polyester Car Cover: Everything That You Must Know

Before you conclude which fabric is the ideal option for a car body cover, you must know about them in detail. Here is a comprehensive guideline for both the material, so you can make a better choice between the two.

Taffeta Car Covers: What is this Fabric?

The taffeta fabric is known for its lightweight and crisp nature. Initially, the fabric was only used for women’s apparel. However, over time, accessories for car online manufacturers have begun using plain-woven fabric to make excellent car outdoor body covers. The taffeta car covers are smooth to the touch. 

How did the Fabric Originate?

The word ‘Taffeta’ comes from the term “Tafta”. Tafta in Persian means ‘twisted woven’. The yarn is twisted to make the taffeta fabric. However, there are various other fabrics which are made using this procedure. This implies that taffeta car covers have excellent shape-retaining potential. Taffeta was traditionally silk-made. 

However, as synthetic fibres came into the 20th century, textile makers began using polyester and rayon to make taffeta.

The Top Features of Taffeta Car Covers

  • The high-performing taffeta car covers are weatherproof. This feature helps the car cover to keep your car safe from harsh outdoor elements and indoor hazards as well.
  • The taffeta car covers can protect your car from bird droppings, sunlight, dirt, and precipitation.
  • The car covers are scratch-proof and water-resistant as well.
  • The car covers also offer complete UV protection.
  • The cover comes with customized tripled stitching as per your car’s specifications. The triple-stitched threads can cover the car securely and tightly.
  • The cover comprises of elastic cord across the hem. This offers an excellent fit.

Polyester Car Covers: What is this Fabric?

The polyester car covers are made from polyester. The polyester car covers are extremely breathable. This enables the trapped moisture from beneath the cover to escape. The polyester car covers are the best choice when you have to park your car outdoors. The polyurethane-coated car covers can divert precipitation from the car.

The Features of Polyester Car Covers

  • The polyester car covers come with double-stitched seams. 
  • This car cover material is long-lasting and leak-proof as well.
  • The polyester car cover can keep your car safe from bird droppings, and heat damage.
  • The UV reflective silver material of the fabric keeps your car safe from sun damage.
  • The fabric can regulate the interior temperature and maintain its cool.
  • The long-lasting and synthetic fabric is mould, mildew and rot-resistant.

How to Choose Between Taffeta and Polyester Car Covers?

The decision between taffeta and polyester car covers comes down to your usage frequency, parking area preferences and more. When deciding between the two fabrics, here is a guideline for you to follow.

Where You Park your Car

You would need different protection when you park your car indoors and when outdoors. Most car covers like taffeta car covers are designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Therefore, they provide different protection levels. However, polyester car covers are lightweight materials that are apt for indoor use. 

Weather is Key to Determining the Right Car Cover

Based on where you stay, you might have to choose the car cover accordingly. If you fail to protect your car from sun damage, then your car paint finishing might ruin. Different car cover materials protect your car from different elements. So, make sure to see which material best suits your purpose. For instance, if you want to make sure that your car stays waterproof, then go for a waterproof car cover that keeps your car moisture-free. 

See if You Need Standard or Custom-Fit Car Covers

Standard fit car covers are an ideal solution to keep your car safe. However, if you own a rare car, then you might have to go for a customized car cover to make sure it fits your car perfectly. Always choose snug-fitting car covers to promise optimal protection. 

The car covers are key to maintaining the shine on your car’s body. They are an excellent product that you need to protect your car from environmental hazards, scratches, and more. Both taffeta and polyester car covers can keep your car even from animal and insect damage. Hopefully, now you got an idea about taffeta vs polyester car covers. So, go ahead and choose the right material for the best protection. 

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