The Net Worth of Singer-Songwriter Walker Hayes

If you’re wondering about the net worth of singer-songwriter Walker Hayes, you’ve come to the right place. Walker’s career has been one of steady growth and success. After landing a publishing deal with Mercury Records Nashville, he quickly moved on to Capitol Records Nashville. He released his first single “Pants” in 2010 and has since built up a substantial following in the music industry. His net worth has grown considerably as a result.


Walker Hayes is a popular country singer who has also become a social media star. He was born in 1979 and grew up in Versatile, Alabama. He is of American ethnicity and is a member of the Christian religion. He has also had many children. His net worth is estimated to be more than $10 million.

In his early days, Hayes attended St. Paul’s Episcopal School and later attended Birmingham Southern College, where he majored in music. After graduating from college, he moved to Nashville, where he signed a deal with Mercury Records Nashville. His first single, “Pants”, hit number 60 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Walker Hayes’ career has lasted for a decade. He started by releasing his single “Pants” in 2010, and his video for the song peaked at No. 60 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. He then released his first studio album “Reason to Rhyme” in 2011 and co-wrote Cold Ford’s 2014 album “Thanks for Listening.” In 2016, he released two EPs. In addition, he signed a publishing deal with RareSpark.

Walker began his career in the music industry as a songwriter, co-writing songs for songwriters and recording artists. In 2010, he signed with Mercury Records Nashville and became a recording artist. He then signed a contract with Capitol Records Nashville. The success of his debut single “Pants” led to other work, including a publishing deal with Shane McAnally.

TikTok star

The TikTok star has a family of six. He has one daughter named Lela who was born in 2006. Their daughter makes regular appearances on his TikTok channel. She even takes over his posting duties on the app at times. Despite her young age, she has already earned the title of “VIP” and has over 520k followers on Instagram.

Hayes’ career took off when he signed a recording contract with Monument Records and released his first single, “You Broke Up With Me”. It quickly hit the Billboard charts and reached number one. His next release was an EP titled Country Stuff, which contained the hit song “Fancy Like.” The single peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at Number 9 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Besides her popularity on TikTok, Walker has a following on YouTube. His self-titled Youtube channel was launched on November 23, 2011. His channel primarily focuses on uploading music-related content. The TikTok star has also created several music tutorial videos. He has a wife and six children who are featured in his videos.

Hayes’ net worth has grown as his career has gained momentum. After his EP ‘Country Stuff’ hit the top ten, he has gone on to earn a second top ten single, “Fancy Like.” This hit song has amassed over 19 million views on TikTok and is still a fan favorite.

Mother of six

When you’re a mom of six, it can be tough to work outside of the home and find time to do it all. However, the support from your family is more important than anything. For example, Laney, Walker’s wife, keeps her kids on track with their homeschooling, while you’re off on tour. And if you’re not able to be on the road because of your career, you can still support your family by keeping up with homeschooling.

Lela Hayes is the oldest of Walker and Laney’s children. She was born in December 2006. Despite the age difference, she makes frequent appearances on her father’s TikTok account. In fact, she takes over posting duties sometimes. She’s a kind of social media manager for her dad. After the family decided to celebrate Lela’s first period with a red velvet cake, internet users had some things to say.

Laney and Walker Hayes welcomed their youngest daughter Oakleigh on June 6, 2018. However, the baby passed away tragically a few days later after emergency surgery. Despite the heartbreak, the couple continued to make their family strong and have been working on their healing as a unit. In 2018, the couple opened up to People magazine about the tragedy. Oakleigh had suffered a uterine rupture, a serious medical condition that poses a serious threat to both mother and child. The doctors were able to save Laney, but not Oakleigh.

The singer’s marriage has been an important support system for her throughout her career. His wife, Laney Beville Hayes, helped him overcome a difficult time in his life by believing in his abilities and helping him find a new direction in his life. The couple has six children together and plans to have another one soon.


Laney Beville has been credited with helping Walker Hayes’ career. Laney and Walker dated when they were children and reconnected as adults. Their relationship has endured despite adversity and is still strong. They have six children and homeschool them.

Walker Hayes was born on 27 December 1979 and grew up in Mobile, Alabama. He later attended Birmingham-Southern College, where he studied piano. Later, he moved to Nashville to pursue his music career. He is married to Laney Beville, whom he met in elementary school. The couple fell in love and married in 2004.

Laney Hayes is the mother of six children, including two sons and two daughters. She has been his number one supporter throughout her life and is her husband’s biggest fan. The couple has been together for 17 years. The two first met in elementary school and fell in love as children. They reunited in college and got married on June 12, 2004.

Laney Beville Hayes was Walker Hayes’ childhood sweetheart. She played the part of Ronette in his high school play Little Shop of Horrors. She has also endorsed several brands and promoted Costco. Her daughter Leah was also featured in a viral video.

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