Things You Should Know About Packers and Movers Charges

There is a lot of confusion about packers and movers charges in Delhi. This is because most people have no idea how packers and movers determine their rates. Well, shifting charges vary according to the demand of the situation or circumstances.

Well, moving companies assist in packing and moving your commercial or residential goods from one city to another and want a nominal fee in return. You will pay movers for the hard work and effort they put into the moving process. When you book movers, they take full responsibility for the safe consignment delivery – from packing your goods to safely loading and unloading them.

So, each and every stage of the relocation episode will affect packers and movers charges. In this article, you all will know the things that are related to moving and shifting costs. And, how a removal company estimates its price.

All About Packers and Movers Charges

Whether you are estimating home shifting costs in Delhi or bike transportation charges from Delhi to Mumbai, use a cost calculator tool to calculate the price. With the help of the moving cost calculator tool, you will know the approximate cost of your move according to the current trending rates of movers. Get a fair idea of moving costs of local or intercity moves.

Packers and movers rates are not fixed. Their charges vary from company to company. Although moving companies have different parameters to calculate the moving cost yet some common factors influence the prices.

Let’s see those common cost heads that influence moving and shifting charges so that you can plan your move and set your budget.

Cost Heads that Influence Packers and Movers Shifting Rates

  • Packing charges
  • Labor cost
  • Charges for loading and unloading
  • Transportation charges
  • Transit insurance charge
  • Applicable taxes

Packing charges

Reliable cargo transport companies in Delhi use the best quality packaging materials to pack your belongings. They will use different packaging materials like carton boxes, moving blankets, bubble wrap, plastic wraps, foams, packing tapes, etc. These ensure the safety of the goods during transportation.

While packing materials play an important role in packing the goods safely, the packing technique is also crucial. They take the best approach to pack and move your belongings so that they would reach safely. And, this entire process will consume time and energy. Besides, the quality packaging materials. So, movers will add packing charges to the bill.

Labor cost

Laborers are required to pack, load, unload, and move your goods. Each labor costs around Rs. 500 – Rs. 600. The more laborers are required, the higher you will pay. The number of laborers is decided by the number of your goods. If you are moving with 1BHK goods then 2 laborers are required, for 2BHK goods 4 laborers are required, and for 3BHK house shifting minimum of 5 laborers are required. So, according to the number of laborers, the charges will be added.

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Loading and unloading charges

Of course, the laborers would load and unload your possessions. But, moving heavy items is not easy. For this, they would require special equipment such as dollies. If the movers use the moving equipment and the latest technologies to load and unload your belongings, they would cost extra for this.

Transit insurance charge

Moving companies will charge 3% of the total value of the declared items as transit insurance. Why they do such things is because you will not face any monetary loss during the move. Movers do insurance for your possessions against the damages during transportation. Although this does not cover every item, yet you will stay relaxed during the move. If any damages occurred during the move, then they can be recovered through insurance coverage.

Applicable taxes

Only a few people know about this, but packers and movers will add taxes like GST and other service taxes to the final bill. Besides, the toll taxes and octroi will affect the price of intercity moves. An 18% GST rate will be added to the bill. The toll taxes and octroi will be added after the consignment delivery.

These are the most common cost heads that influence packers and movers charges for intercity home shifting services. So, now it would have become easier for you to estimate movers and packers rates for your move.

Still, if you face any problems, use a packers and movers charges calculator online. This tool helps you estimate the moving cost within a few minutes. Just share your move details and get the price calculated within five minutes.

Furthermore, you can get free quotes from the top reliable moving companies. Multiple quotes allow you to compare packers and movers rates and book the most affordable one.

Well, these were the things about common factors that affect movers and packers prices. But, you should know that moving companies consider their brand reputations and experience while estimating the price. So, transport companies’ rates depend on their experience and popularity as well. If you are hiring a reputable moving company, then you will have to pay comparatively higher fees than any not-so-popular moving company.

In Conclusion,

Well, packers and movers charges are not fixed. In fact, the moving companies themselves cannot tell the rates without having the full information on your move. To estimate the price, movers need to collect your moving details. The factors we have discussed above tell what services are included in packers and movers and how they determine their rates.

Always remember that your demands and requirements also influence moving costs. So, it’s better to schedule a pre-move survey and get a precise estimate from a moving company in Delhi.

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