Top 5 Career Options After Interior Design Course

Interior Designing is a multifaceted professional discipline that is concerned with ideating, envisioning & designing functional and aesthetically stunning interiors incorporating artistic design concepts and scientific principles. A successful interior designer offers attractive, spell binding & cherished experiences to customers basis research and analysis of the customers, their preferences and dislikes and socio-cultural factors etc. They must possess knowledge of ensuing trends, market dynamics, understanding of traditional as well as modern techniques, available materials, budgets etc. 

Interior designer works with teams from diverse disciplines like architecture, paint, furnishings, lighting etc. and specialize in designing the interiors for either residential or commercial assets.  

Career Prospects: 

  • Furniture Designer: He is responsible for designing marquee, space-saving, contemporary furniture. His services are in great demand by furniture manufacturing companies. Besides this he can take up lots of freelance work helping homeowners or small scale furniture manufacturers.
  • Interior & Spatial Designer: His role involves developing ideas for designing interiors basis the client’s requirements & budget, such that they are not only magnificent, but are also functional & efficient besides offering spellbinding experience.
  • Set designer/Art Director/Production Designer: He is in great demand in performing arts industry (TV, film, or theatre production) for he brings alive the vision of writers and directors. He understands the brief as well as scripts and uses his creative capabilities along with the proficiencies in lighting, camera angles, props and costumes etc., to develop ideal style for the set.
  • Researcher: To stay on top and to have a signature style setting him apart from his peers, he stays in sync with modern trends, research and gain knowledge of sustainable environment friendly materials as well as traditional & modern techniques etc. He evaluates people’s tastes, likes & dislikes, socio cultural factors affecting designs etc., thereby developing design concepts that stay contemporary for long.
  • Lighting Designer: He utilizes his sensitivity and creativity to design the lighting in commercial as well as residential spaces, thereby elevating the mood of the people, impacting their overall experience and quality of life. He also is responsible to ensure efficient use of power, thus leaving a positive impact on the environment.
  • Exhibition Designer: In accordance with his understanding of client brief, ethos of the company, brand guidelines, product to be displayed, messaging and budget, he manages large exhibitions, conferences for industry, trade & education, public exhibitions, trade shows etc.   
  • Sustainable Interior Designers: He advocates use of right materials and techniques that has negligible impact on the environment such as use of recycled materials that lowers carbon footprint as well as minimises wastage. Besides this, he also ensures indoor air quality such as toxic fumes emitted from utilization of chemicals in paint & flooring etc. are not inhaled by people.
  • Teacher: He mentors to shape the future interior designing professionals, guiding them in the right direction.
  • Visual merchandisers: At the retail level, visual merchandiser plays an essential role, for he utilizes his comprehension of people, their preferences, tastes, market dynamics and fashion trends etc. to develop strategies to communicate brand messaging to people via visual concepts. He is responsible for profitability and hence to ensure sales, he makes available the right kind of material, to the right audience at the right time.

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