What do you learn in B Tech CSE?

Bachelor of Technology or B. Tech is an undergraduate degree programme offered in engineering and technology. B.Tech is a vast field of study and provides students with a plethora of specialisations. The most sought-after specialisations offered under B. Tech programmes are mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, and computer science and engineering. Amongst the many engineering specialisations, Computer Science and Engineering, or CSE, is considered the best engineering branch for the future. 

B.Tech CSE  is a well-designed course that integrates computer science and engineering to help students develop a broad knowledge of programming, coding, web, and database development. The B.Tech CSE programme is divided into eight-semester coursework focusing on training the students in hardware and software. The B.Tech coursework is structured into core and elective subjects, particularly on the chosen specialisation. Before learning about the B.Tech CSE course, let’s look at the specialisations offered under B.Tech CSE. 

Computer science and engineering is a broad field offering a range of new-age specialisation under it that allows students to develop expertise knowledge of the discipline that aligns with their future objectives. Here is the most prominent B.Tech CSE specialisation:

  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Full-stack AI
  • E-Commerce
  • Graphics and Gaming
  • Cybersecurity and Forensics
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Mainframe Technology
  • Open source and open standards
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Cloud Computing and Visualisation Technology

Pursuing a B.Tech in CSE offers students the opportunity to learn computer science’s practical and theoretical aspects and insights into the chosen specialisation. Here are some of the most prominent topics covered during B.Tech CSE programme with any specialisation of your choice:

  • Engineering Physics
  • Principles of Programming Languages
  • Introduction to IT industry Verticals
  • Computer System Architecture
  • Operating system
  • Data Structure
  • Python Programming
  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Software engineering and project management
  • Advanced database management system
  • Computer Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Communication and Computer Networks

A B.Tech in CSE programme offers students the opportunity to learn all aspects of computer science engineering and subject-focused specialisation. The programme’s holistic curriculum focuses on the student’s individual needs to experience, explore, discover, and challenge. CSE graduates build expert knowledge and learn all aspects of computer science and related fields. 

Scope of B.Tech CSE

Regarded as the fastest-growing discipline in engineering, computer science is a highly diverse field offering a variety of job roles, such as software developer, security engineer, Data Warehouse Analyst, computer programmer, data analyst, data scientist, and much more. The scope of doing B. Tech in CSE is broad, as almost all sectors function with the assistance of computer science engineers. 

CSE is the branch of engineering that has experienced exponential growth and increasing demand in recent years. These engineers can collaborate with professionals to evaluate system requirements and develop necessary hardware and software components. Top recruiters of B.Tech CSE graduates are Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Toyota group, Intel Corp, Siemens, Cisco Systems,  BMW, and much more. 

Now you know all you can learn through a B.Tech CSE course and the scope of earning a degree in CSE. If you are looking to build a career in the fields of engineering and technology, B.Tech in CSE can be the right programme. Take the next step and apply for the programme now!

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