What Space Movie Came Out in 1992?

If you’re wondering what space movie came out in 1992, you’re not alone. The year 1992 was marked by the release of Gayniggers From Outer Space. The short film was a spoof of other space movies being produced by Hollywood at the time. While it didn’t have the same quality as other space movies, it did have a lot of fun and was a good laugh for the whole family.

The Gayniggers from Outer Space

If you’re a big fan of science fiction films, you may have heard of The Gayniggers from Outer Space. The 1992 comedy film tells the story of an alien race that lands on Earth. These aliens, which are thought to be of African descent, plan to free men from their female overlords. It features many racial and homophobic jokes.

The Gayniggers from Outer Space is a 1992 comedy space film directed by Morten Lindberg and a Danish sci-fi/comedy film. The film has received mixed reviews and is considered a cult favorite. The film stars Sam Salomon, Coco P. Dalbert, and Gbatokai Dakinah.

The movie centers on an intergalactic group of homosexual black men from the planet Anus. These aliens use Regans to search for females on Earth. They then eliminate the females from the planet and leave behind a “Gay Ambassador” to guide the Earthlings in their new way of life. The movie is funny, but it does not take itself seriously. It is a satire on blaxploitation and racism. The film is also a parody of stereotypes of the German population.

The Gayniggers from Outer Space was controversial in its day, but it is still worth watching. Its blaxploitation theme makes it a great spoof of the early Hollywood space movies. Most people only learned about it after a Reddit user urged people not to Google the movie’s name using the term “space movie 1992.” However, this trend grew a lot of buzz and confusion.

Sci-fi film

If you were looking for a satirical Sci-fi film that came out in 1992, you may be surprised to find the answer in a very different place. Ga**iggers from Outer Space is one such film, directed by Morten Lindberg, and it’s a spoof on the sci-fi genre. It stars a group of out-of-space gay men who come to Earth and try to create an all-male homosexual utopia. Although a parody of blaxploitation, it’s a highly entertaining 25 minutes and contains an excellent soundtrack.

Another 1992 Sci-fi film was Space Movie, which is about gay men from outer space (also known as Gayniggers From Outer Space). The film was directed by Morten Lindberg, a Danish artist. It was a satire on the genre of science fiction and is now considered a classic in the genre.

Space Movie is another 1992 sci-fi film that became an instant cult classic. Its original title was Gayniggers from Outer Space, and it was a parody of other space movies. It was so popular, in fact, that the film quickly spread on the internet. People on Reddit began warning people not to search for it on Google!

The year 1992 was a buzzy one for sci-fi films, and the release of Ga**iggers From Outer Space was one of the most memorable movies from the genre in the decade. Although there were many other great sci-fi films in 1992, this one was one of the most bizarre. It was a satirical space movie that was a parody of 1950s sci-fi films.


“Gayniggers from Outer Space” is a blaxploitation-themed short film that mocks some of the early Hollywood space movies. The film first became widely known after Redditors suggested that people, not Google “space movie 1992” and instead type “gayniggers” instead. The Reddit debate caused the film to become an internet sensation, and now, most people have seen it.

This 1992 Blaxploitation space movie is not for the faint of heart. It’s a short film directed by Danish singer Morten Lindberg. The film tackles sensitive topics like gays and homosexuality. It is available on YouTube and in MP4 format.

In 1992, there was another blaxploitation space movie that came out. Gayniggers from Outer Space was a short film that was released on VHS. It was a parody of many Hollywood space movies. It starred Gayniggers, a gay space explorer. The film’s creator, Morten Lindberg, was an artist who drew inspiration from other blaxploitation movies.

The gayniggers from outer space movie was produced in 1992 and is a great example of blaxploitation space movies. The Danish artist Morten Lindberg directed the film and intended it as satire. It’s now considered a cult favorite.

While the movie may not be as well known as the blaxploitation space movies, it did make an impression on its audience. It featured gay characters and a transsexual protagonist. It was a hit in its day and was distributed by the Danish Film Institute.

Classification as homophobic

Despite a recent controversy, classifying a space movie as homophobic is still possible. The film features gay characters, and critics say it violates the rights of LGBTQ individuals. The classification is based on a six-point scale, from exclusively heterosexual to exclusively homosexual. The first edition was published in 1952, and several revisions have been released since then.


Space movie T-shirts came out in 1992 and have since gained a loyal following. The movie, which is also known as Gayniggers From Outer Space, is a satire that parodies sci-fi and blaxploitation films. This movie is a satirical classic and is a must-see for fans of the genre. However, it’s not all about blaxploitation and gay humour. There is a good bit of racial and sexual humour within the film itself.

Space movie T-shirts come in a variety of styles and sizes. For example, you can find men’s, women’s, and kids’ designs. You can also find limited edition designs. Space movie t-shirts are available in short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and slim-fit styles.

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T-shirts inspired by the film

If you loved the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” when it first came out in 1992, you can now get a tribute shirt that pays tribute to this space adventure. Available in five different colors, this t-shirt features a two-color design and is hand-screen printed on a 100% cotton t-shirt. It is available in sizes from XS to 5XL.

The movie’s message about peace and love became popular as it was adapted into t-shirts, and it’s still a popular fashion accessory. The t-shirt with the message “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” was a hit in 1988, but it has been adapted for a variety of occasions. The first movie adaptation of the movie starred David Bowie, whose iconic makeup made him one of the most famous rock stars of all time.

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